Winter Solstice

Friday, December 19

6-10 pm

49 Grove, West Village.

Join us for the annual Reasonable New York Winter Solstice Party at the upscale 49 Grove, in the West Village. 

This annual event is hosted by Reasonable New York, a consortium of free-thinking, philosophical, and secular social clubs based in NYC and surrounding areas.

Expect 100+ free-thinkers of all ages for an evening of food, drink, dancing, and socializing.

Admission is free.

Join us on the 19th and make new friends and connections with other inquisitive New Yorkers - this is an annual event not to be missed!



 August 20, 2011 at The New York Society for Ethical Culture 

The Secular Humanist Society of New York, The New York Society for Ethical Culture,and Reasonable New York Present a panel discussion among: 


 Michael DeDora           Anne Klaeysen               Massimo Pigliucci                    Roy Speckardt

Executive Director,        Leader, New York           Chair, Dept.  of Philosophy,          Executive Director

Center for Inquiry            Society for Ethical           Lehman College, CUNY              American Humanist 

                                      Culture                                                                           Association

Reasonable New York is a consortium of local reason-based organizations and people working together to increase awareness of secular-minded movements throughout the Greater New York area. We aim to inform New Yorkers that there is a community of people who share a rational basis for their worldviews, who attend intellectual public lectures, enjoy philosophy discussions, and socialize. We invite you to visit our various member groups, to contact any of those in which you are interested, and check out our calendar to attend gatherings of any of our organizations, many of which are free. Some of these events are also posted on our shared meetup site


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